Civil Process and Fees

Civil Process

Civil process paperwork is served each day of the week throughout the County of St. Clair. 

A $75 dollar deposit per each service is required. Any additional mileage not covered by the deposit will be billed and due upon receipt. Service will not be attempted unless the required deposit is included with the original request per RSMo 57.280.

The Sheriff's fee applies to each defendant that needs to be served. 

There is no charge for service of Order of Protections. 

The Sheriff's Office does not accept any faxed paperwork for service. 

Questions regarding civil paperwork can be directed to the administrative office, 417-646-2565

Fees for Service of Civil Paperwork

A $75 dollar deposit per each service is required

Civil Subpoena-$30 plus mileage

Civil Summons-$30 plus mileage

Garnishments-$30 plus mileage

Show Cause Summons-$30 plus mileage

The mileage fee is $.575 per mile for paperwork that needs to be served.  The fee is assessed round-trip for each attempted service. 

Report Fees

A minimum charge of $7.00 will be assessed per report for up to 30 minutes of research. The fee for 45 minutes of research- $10.50; One hour-$14; One and-a- quarter hours-$17.50; One and-a-half hours-$21; One and-three-quarter hours- $25; and Two hours- $28.00.

A fee of $.15 per page will be assessed along with postage costs.

The fee for a compact disk of phone recordings is $15 minimum per hour and $15 for each hour after and $2 for each additional compact disk.

Fingerprint Fees

The Sheriff’s Office has implemented a $5 fee for all fingerprinting. In addition, there is a fee of $3 per print card unless a card is supplied.