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Property damage and stealing reports taken

Property damage on NE 800 Road

On April 12, a St. Clair County deputy took a property damage report on NE 800 Road, Lowry City. Vernard Tucker reported damage to the bumper of his 1984 Chevrolet pickup. Tucker said a contractor installing electrical meters moved his truck by pushing on the rear bumper with a skid steer loader. He said the bumper is now bent. Damage was estimated at $350.

Stealing report at Pilot

On April, 11, a St. Clair County deputy took a stealing report on SE 1000 Road. Nathan Quinn reported he and another individual were traveling from Iowa in a company van belonging to 1203 Entertainment, Hermitage, TN. Quinn said they arrived at the Pilot gas station, Collins, and the individual took 16 tee-shirts valued at $15 each, 240 assorted compact discs valued at $10 each and $1,000 cash. Quinn said the individual loaded everything into a red Mustang GT that was waiting at Pilot.

Property damage on B Highway

On April 10, a St. Clair County deputy took a property damage complaint at Bill Wishon’s property on NW B Highway. Mike Foster, a caretaker of the property, stated he noticed a gate had been opened and there were tire tracks around the yard, going behind the houses, and back out of the property through the yard on the west side of the property. Foster noted the tire tracks were very deep in certain places. He said plywood covering some windows was also taken down and laying in the yard.

The investigations in these cases are ongoing. Sheriff Keeler urges those with any related information to contact the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line, 417-646-5832, or email to tips@scsomo.org.

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