Court Case Update

Case# 15SR-CR00134

#1-Class C felony of burglary in the second degree
#2-Class D felony of resisting/interfering with arrest of a  felony
#3- Class A misdemeanor of theft/stealing

Strutton, Johnathon W
Age: 33  
City: Osceola  
Incident Date: 2015-02-03  
Arrest Date: 2015-05-04  
Court Disposition: Aug. 5, 2015-Guilty plea to counts one and two. Count three dismissed. Count one- sentenced to seven years in DOC. Count two-sentenced to four years in DOC with sentences running concurrent  
Additional Information

The charges stem from incidents in February when an investigation discovered Strutton in possession of property reported stolen by Shawn Casey. When an attempt was made to contact Strutton, he fled.

St. Clair County Sheriff's Office