Court Case Update

Case# 18SR-CR00491

Count I-class D felony possession of a controlled substance
Count II-class A misdemeanor unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia-prior drug offense

07/24/19-Court enters Plea, Finding of Guilt, Sentence and Judgment
Count I: Defendant sentenced to 7 years in MO Dept of Correction; execution of sentence suspended; defendant placed on supervised probation for 5 years
Count II: $300 fine

8/23/2019- Probation Violation Filed. Report dated 8/19/2019

8/27/2019- Order for Probation Suspension. Warrant issued- Probation/Parole Violation. Bond set$2500 Cash Only

11/08/2019- Probation Violation Filed. Report dated 11/1/2019

11/13/2019- Warrant Recalled/Withdrawn. Order to continue probation.

11/18/2020- P&P Citation Report filed. Report date 11/13/2020

5/13/2021- Probation Violation Filed. Report dated 5/10/2021

6/7/2021- Order for Probation Suspension. Warrant issued-Probation/Parole Violation. Motion to Revoke Probation and bond set at $2500 Cash Only.


Murray, Mike
Age: 39  
City: Springfield  
Arrest Date: 2019-06-28  
Additional Information

The warrant comes after a St. Clair County deputy made contact with a suspicious vehicle parked at the hotel in Osceola in August of 2018. The deputy observed a subject run across Highway 13 and walk around the Park Oil Company building and return back to the vehicle. The deputy pulled up to the vehicle and made contact with the subjects.

The deputy identified Murray as the subject that had gone across Highway 13. The deputy asked if the subjects would empty their pockets. Murray had a syringe in his pocket. The syringe field tested positive for methamphetamine.

St. Clair County Sheriff's Office