Court Case Update

Case# 19SR-CR00152

Count I-class C felony manufacturing a controlled substance
Count II-class E keeping or maintaining a public nuisance
Count III-class D misdemeanor unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

11/04/19-Court enters Plea, Finding of Guilt, Sentence and Judgment
Count I: Court grants Suspended Imposition of Sentence; Defendant placed on supervised probation
Count II: Dismissed by State
Count III: $300 Fine

10/12/2021- Probation Status Hearing Scheduled for 11/1/2019. Defendant appears at clerks office and requests to be placed on docket to request early discharge from probation.

10/15/2021- P&P Citation Report Filed. Citation dated 10/13/2021

11/01/2021- Hearing/Trial Cancelled. Defendant does not appear, although requesting to be placed on todays docket. Hearing cancelled.

11/17/2021- Probation Violation Filed. Report dated 10/28/2021

11/19/2021- Motion for Probation Revocation.

2/10/2022- P&P Information Report Filed

2/14/2022- Order for Probation Suspension. Warrant issued-Probation/Parole Violation. 

2/25/2022- Show Cause Issued-Probation Violation. Probation Violation 1st Appearance Hearing Scheduled for 3/7/2022

3/7/2022- Probation Violation Hearing Scheduled for 5/2/2022

5/2/2022- Probation Status Hearing Scheduled for 7/5/2022. 

7/5/2022- Probation Status Hearing Scheduled for 9/6/2022.

8/30/2022- P&P Information Report Filed.

9/6/2022- Probation Status Hearing Schedule for 10/3/2022

10/3/2022- Probation Status Hearing Schedule for 12/5/2022

12/5/2022- Disposition Hearing Scheduled for 2/6/2023

2/6/2023- Probation Status Hearing Scheduled for 4/3/2023



Nance, Austin
Age: 27  
City: 19SR-CR00152  
Incident Date: 2019-05-13  
Arrest Date: 2019-05-22  
Next Court Date: 2023-04-03  
Additional Information

The original charges stem from an investigation by the Mid Missouri Drug Task Force.

St. Clair County Sheriff's Office