Court Case Update

Case# 19SR-CR00103

Count I-class D felony possession of a controlled substance
Count II-class A misdemeanor unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

2/10/2020-Defendant Sentenced
Court enters Plea, Finding of Guilt, Sentence and Judgment
Count I: Defendant found to be a prior drug offender as defined by Statute. Defendant sentenced to 5 years in Mo Dept of Corrections
Count II: Dismissed by State

Wood, Brandon
Age: 29  
City: Osceola  
Incident Date: 2019-03-20  
Arrest Date: 2019-04-30  
Additional Information

The warrant comes after a St. Clair County deputy stopped to check on a stranded motorist on March 20, 2019. After making contact with the driver and passenger, the deputy had the passenger, Wood, stand in front of the vehicle. When the deputy went to check Wood for weapons, the deputy observed Wood drop a glass pipe into the engine compartment on the vehicle.  

St. Clair County Sheriff's Office