Court Case Update

Case# 18SR-CR00461

Count I-class D felony possession of a controlled substance
Count II-class D misdemeanor unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

1/7/19-Court enters Plea, Finding of Guilt, Sentence and Judgment
Sentence and Judgment. Count I: Court grants Suspended Imposition of Sentence; Defendant placed on supervised probation for 5 years
Count II: $150 fine

Bathrope, Angela
Age: 34  
City: Appleton City  
Incident Date: 2018-10-17  
Arrest Date: 2018-10-17  
Additional Information

The warrant comes after the Mid Missouri Drug Task Force and the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office conducted a search warrant on a residence in Appleton City. While conducting the search warrant, Bathrope arrived at the residence in a vehicle. Contact was made immediately with Bathrope by a law enforcement officer at the scene. A search of the vehicle revealed a cellophane package with a white crystal like substance. The substance did field test positive for methamphetamine. 

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