Court Case Update

Case# 17SR-CR00278

Two counts of class D felony possession of a controlled substance
Class E felony unlawful use of a weapon (possess weapon and a felony controlled substance)  

2/4/19-Tried by Court
The Court announces its Finding of Guilt beyond a reasonable doubt as charged in the 1st Amended Information

Herdman, Kenneth
Age: 67  
City: Appleton City  
Incident Date: 2017-06-14  
Arrest Date: 2017-06-14  
Next Court Date: 2019-02-04  
Court Disposition: Sentencing set 4/11/2019 at 3:00 p.m.  
Additional Information

           The charges stem from a St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office and Mid Missouri Multi Jurisdictional Drug Task Force investigation during the early morning hours on June 14 at a residence on East Second Street, Appleton City. During the investigation a Cobra .38 special loaded with two rounds was located in Kenneth Herdman’s pants pocket. Another RG .38 special with six rounds of was located in a shoulder holster under his left arm. In another pocket a container with 17 Alprazolam, a schedule four controlled substance, was located.

            A small clear re-closable plastic bag with a white powder substance was found inside a shared bedroom of Kenneth and Tamara. A white powder substance was also located in two long handled wooden shaker containers hanging on a wall in the bedroom.  Each of the items field tested positive for the presence of methamphetamine.

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