Court Case Update

Case# 17SR-CR00260-01

Class D felony domestic assault-second degree
Class B misdemeanor property damage second degree

10/11/18-Guilty Plea, Defendant Sentenced, Order for Supervised Probation

Wilkerson Sr., Clint
Age: 50  
Incident Date: 2017-05-27  
Arrest Date: 2017-05-27  
Additional Information

The charges stem from a St. Clair County investigation on May 27, 2017 when deputies took a report of assault from a female victim at Wilkerson’s residence on SE 871 Road, Collins. She stated she woke up and Wilkerson was choking her. The female stated when she attempted to leave the property Wilkerson flattened three of the tires by cutting the valve stems. Wilkerson was taken into custody and transported to the St. Clair County Jail.

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