Court Case Update

Case# 17SR-CR00226

Class D felony possession of a controlled substance
Class A misdemeanor unlawful use of drug paraphernalia

7/25/18-Arrested on warrant 

8/6/18-Court enters Plea, Finding of Guilt, Sentence and Judgment
Count I: Defendant sentenced to 5 years in MO Dept of Corrections
Count II: Dismissed by State

Ivlow, Bennett
Age: 42  
City: Clinton  
Incident Date: 2017-05-04  
Arrest Date: 2017-05-05  
Additional Information

          The charges stem from a drug investigation on May 4, 2017 when a St. Clair County deputies and a member of the Mid Missouri Multi Jurisdictional Drug Task Force went to a residence on West Fifth Street, Appleton City. During the investigation a small clear plastic bag with a crystalline substance was found inside one of Ivlow’s socks, and a hypodermic syringe/needle was found inside a pocket of his shorts.  A clear liquid substance was present inside the syringe. The crystalline substance field tested positive for methamphetamine.

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