Court Case Update

Case# 17SR-CR00095-01

Class D felony endangering the welfare of a child creating substantial risk- first degree
Class E felony resisting arrest by fleeing- creating a substantial risk of serious injury/death to any person
Class D misdemeanor driving while suspended
Class B misdemeanor operating a motor vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner

7/2/18-Court enters Plea and Finding of Guilt

9/4/18-Court enters Sentence and Judgment
Count I-Defendant sentenced to 10 years in MO Dept of Corrections; execution of sentence suspended; defendant placed on supervised probation for 5 years
Count II-Defendant sentenced to 7 years in MO Dept of Corrections; sentence to be served concurrent with sentence on Count I; execution of sentence suspended; defendant placed on supervised probation for 5 years
Count III-$100 fine
Count IV-Defendant sentenced to 6 months in St. Clair Co. Jail; sentence to be served concurrent with sentences in Counts I and II
Restitution due in the amount of $4,898.00

Alderman, Curtice
Age: 40  
City: Springfield  
Incident Date: 2017-02-25  
Arrest Date: 2017-02-26  
Additional Information

The charges stem from an incident in the evening hours on Feb. 25, when a St. Clair County deputy was notified Osceola Police Department had a vehicle failing to yield on Highway 13. The vehicle turned west on Highway B and was traveling approximately 80 miles per hour. A deputy joined in the chase at Lake Shore Estates. The vehicle continued traveling west reaching speeds in excess of 110 miles per hour and failing to stop at stop signs. After passing M Highway the vehicle ran off the south side of the road and then crossed over and went off the north side.  The driver regained control and continued west through the junction of Highway H.   

     After entering Bates County the vehicle reached the intersection of Highway P and turned north, then into a driveway, and into a dirt field.  When the vehicle came to a stop the driver got out and ran east though the field.  Deputies pursued the driver into the field and took him into custody approximately 100 yards from his vehicle. Alderman was identified as the driver and stated he was running because his wife pulled a knife on him. He also noted he doesn't have a driver’s license.  A 15-year old female juvenile was identified as a passenger in the vehicle.

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