Court Case Update

Case# 16SR-CR00644-01

Case# 16SR-CR00644-02

Class C felony assault on a law enforcement officer
Class D felony resisting/ interfering with arrest for a felony

April 3, 2017-Change of venue to Henry County

5/7/18- Count I-Two years on probation
Count II-Two years on probation
Count III-$1,000 fine
Count IV-$500 fine

Schies, Jeremy J
Age: 36  
City: Stockton  
Incident Date: 2016-07-16  
Arrest Date: 2016-10-19  
Additional Information

            The charges stem from an investigation on July 16 after deputies were dispatched to assist Osceola Police Department with stopping two motorcycles traveling at a high rate of speed and failing to yield.The motorcycles were originally traveling northbound on Highway 13. When they reached Lowry City they turned around and started traveling southbound on Highway 13. Several deputies joined in the attempt to stop the vehicles. While passing Highway 82 speeds reached approximately 135 miles per hour. 

            Near SE 650 Road, Collins, the motorcycles passed a truck driven by Schies that was pulling a trailer with four wheelers. The truck switched lanes in front of a deputy and prevented the deputy from continuing after fleeing motorcycles. One deputy stopped following the motorcycles and attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the truck. Schies failed to yield to the deputy’s emergency lights and sirens and refused to pull over for several miles.

            Near the Polk County line, Schies slammed on his brakes and came to a complete stop in the middle of the lane. A felony traffic stop was conducted and Schies was taken into custody and later released pending a formal charge.

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