Court Case Update

Case# 16SR-CR00621-01

Class B felony distribution/ delivery/ manufacture/ produce a controlled substance
Class C felony possession of a controlled substance
On Oct. 5-Charges were amended adding class B misdemeanor DWI-Drug Intoxication, Class B misdemeanor operating a motor vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner and an infraction of violating provisions Of intermediate driver's license or temp instruction permit .

Nov. 9, 2016- Guilty plea. Sentenced to serve seven years in Missouri Department of Corrections on counts I and II with sentences running concurrent with each other and any other sentences. Counts III-VI were dismissed.

Heuermann, Josiah
Age: 26  
City: Lee's Summit  
Incident Date: 2016-09-23  
Arrest Date: 2016-09-24  
Additional Information

The charges stem from an investigation on Sept. 23 when a St. Clair County deputy was on patrol near Alexander's convenience store, Lowry City, and observed a vehicle driving excessively fast through the store's parking lot. The vehicle started to spin its tires and was skidding sideways while leaving the parking lot. A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle and contact was made with Heuermann, who was driving the vehicle.

During the investigation several items were located in Heuermann’s possession including drug paraphernalia, several small clear plastic baggies some containing a white residue, broken pieces of a glass pipe with residue that field tested positive for methamphetamine, two cans of butane, digital scales, and multiple baggies containing an unknown white substance.

St. Clair County Sheriff's Office