Court Case Update

Case# 16SR-CR00523

Five counts of class A misdemeanor violating
an order of protection for an adult

Nov. 17, 2016- Alford plea entered

Nov. 30, 2016-Sentenced to 30 days in St. Clair County Jail with credit for time served on Counts one through four. Count five was dismissed by prosecutor.

Gurley, Christopher M
Age: 38  
City: Lowry City  
Incident Date: 2016-06-05  
Arrest Date: 2016-09-08  
Additional Information

The charges stem from incidents on June 5-6 and July 11. A St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office investigation discovered Gurley was served with an order of protection on June 4. On June 5-6, Gurley made four attempts to contact the petitioner in the case using a phone system for jail inmates. On July 11, Gurley was seen on the property listed in the order of protection.

St. Clair County Sheriff's Office